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“The Impact is Real” ForgeFX Simulations is honored to partner with Meta, StrataTech, and Tulsa Welding School to launch a global awareness campaign promoting the impactful use of the metaverse in education and training. OcuWeld, the virtual reality welding training simulator, developed by ForgeFX Simulations in partnership with StrataTech Education Group and Tulsa Welding School is being featured by Meta for its ability to expand access for students and prepare them for the future.

Today, welders are using virtual reality tools, like those created by ForgeFX, to increase their access to opportunities.

Meta and ForgeFX, Global Marketing Campaign

Featured Project

ForgeFX Simulations is honored to be a long-standing training simulator development partner of renowned Midwest research institute MRIGlobal. ForgeFX collaborated with MRIGlobal to develop the CBRND HoloTrainer, an augmented reality device training simulator built for the Joint Project Lead for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Special Operations Forces (JPL CBRN SOF). The CBRND HoloTrainer instructs trainees in the familiarization, operation, and maintenance of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection devices by providing holographically-projected interactive 3D virtual versions of the equipment they need to learn to use. 

ForgeFX Simulations Augmented Reality Training Simulators

ForgeFX is a training simulation software development company. Founded in 2002, ForgeFX develops high-quality custom interactive 3D simulation and visualization software products for clients across a wide array of industries. Leveraging high-fidelity 3D graphics and game engine development tools, ForgeFX provides virtual and augmented reality application development services for clients who are looking to distribute interactive simulation-based training solutions. Our training products—employed by industries including national defense, healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance, mining, construction, and transportation produce measurable improvements in trainee engagement and knowledge retention. ForgeFX brings the power of simulation-based training to your customers, combining cutting-edge technology with a unique training experience that helps trainees build the hands-on skills they need. ForgeFX works closely with our clients to understand the challenges they face and develop solutions to help them overcome them.

Why Choose ForgeFX

ForgeFX’s simulations engage users, transforming them from passive audience members to active participants in the learning and training processes. Highly immersive virtual training simulators engage trainees at a rate far greater than traditional training material, allowing them to learn more.

ForgeFX Simulations Engage Users

Global Ground Support Aircraft Deicing Simulator

If you are training people to operate equipment, or selling that equipment, you can use simulators to provide the kind of hands-on, life-like experience that allows people to master skills and hone the ability to make critical decisions in the real world.

It can be expensive, impractical, and sometimes even dangerous to provide your audience with direct experience using actual equipment and instructors in  real world locations. You can limit these costs and risks without sacrificing results by using simulations to provide virtual hands-on experience and training.

Simulators Reduce Training Costs

Vermeer HDD Training Simulator

Without attempting to completely replace real-life hands-on training, simulators can significantly reduce the amount of time and money that it takes for people to master real-world skills, while increasing the throughput level of training.

If your business includes equipment sales, interactive 3D simulations can be leveraged as an effective part of your sales strategy. Having a virtual version of your product or equipment that you can take anywhere, and demonstrate to prospective customers, is a clear strategic advantage.

ForgeFX Simulations Drive Sales

Pierce Manufacturing Fire Truck Simulator

Simulations can be used to show a customer what your equipment is capable of, without needing that piece of equipment present. In addition, bundling a simulation with your product gives you a sales differentiation over competitors who do not have this offering.

ForgeFX Simulations

ForgeFX’s augmented reality-based training simulators blend interactive virtual objects with real-world environments, materials and tools, allowing for increased knowledge transfer. AR-based applications allow for contextual information to be provided to trainees via spacial computing devices in real-time.

ForgeFX Simulations Augmented Reality Simulators

Augmented Reality Training Simulators

Simulation-based training gives field engineers the ability to practice potentially dangerous and hazardous tasks, in a safe and risk-free virtual environment, so that procedures and tasks can be mastered before moving on to real-world training.

ForgeFX specializes in the development of custom training simulation software that allows people to train effectively, affordably and safely within a virtual environment. Our virtual reality-based simulators take advantage of stereoscopic 3D displays, in addition to head, hand, and positional tracking that deliver high-immersive training environments.

ForgeFX Virtual Reality Training Simulators

Virtual Reality Training Simulators

While not a replacement for hands-on training, simulation-based training rapidly speeds up the process of developing an intelligent and well informed workforce, in a risk-free virtual environment, where mistakes become learning opportunities instead of costly mishaps.

At the heart of any training simulator is the software the creates the experience, regardless of what type of device its running on. Simulation-based training is a powerful methodology for providing trainees a safe and risk free virtual environment to learn and practice skills they need to master.

ForgeFX Simulation-Based Training

Traditional Training Simulators

Training simulators give trainees virtual hands-on training prior to ever working with real-world equipment. This experience gives them the opportunity to become familiar with complicated equipment long before they ever need to interact with physical controls.

Our simulation technology and production expertise are not limited to any one industry or technology, we love to employ our talent and creativity on projects in new areas. We work with you to build interactive 3D simulations that give your trainees the ability to learn effectively while reducing your training costs and increasing employee efficiency and productivity — increasing your bottom line.

Ready to learn more?

Simulations can be part of any effective product strategy, regardless of industry. Whether you have a detailed project specification in hand and are looking for a vendor, or are just beginning to explore the advantages that interactive 3D job-training simulations can bring to your organization, contact ForgeFX Training Simulations now to learn more about how we can be of service to you.

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