Primary Services

Developing a training simulation requires multiple steps and processes. ForgeFX Training Simulations provides all of these services, from the initial consultation and creative brainstorming to final deployment and ongoing support.


We consult with clients to understand their business and project requirements in order to meet specified goals. We also detail all available options along with the pros and cons of each choice and provide recommendations for a tailor-made training simulation.

Project Planning & Management

Our design documentation clearly defines a project’s features and exactly how and when they will be implemented. We organize, schedule and manage resources to achieve the project goals for an on-time and on-budget final delivery.

Art Production

Our art team produces 2D interface assets and 3D object models that virtually represent the real-world objects used in your business. We pride ourselves on high-quality, high-fidelity graphics which our clients are delighted to use.


After planning the technical architecture, we write, test and debug the source code that drives your interactive simulation. Programming is the heart of the development process and brings the art team’s content to life.

Reviews and Revisions

We offer regular presentation and review of projects as they progress through their development life cycle. Throughout the process we implement changes, corrections and adjustments based on client feedback.


The final step in the process is to test each application to verify that it is user-friendly, functions as specified, is bug-free and ready for deployment.

Deployment & Support

Once the application has passed the testing phase, it is deployed to our client’s end users. Deployment can include multiple platforms such as desktop/laptop computers, tablets and even smartphones. We continue to provide post-deployment support in the event that there are any problems using the simulation.
ForgeFX Simulations Custom Simulator Development Services

ForgeFX Simulations Custom Simulator Development Services

Secondary Services

Certain projects also require some of the following secondary services offered by ForgeFX.

Hardware Integration

We integrate the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) controls, allowing users to operate simulators with the same controls as your real-world equipment. Operators develop muscle memory which they take with them from the simulator to the real world.

Web Site Development

We can develop information architecture, graphic design and programming of a companion web site for each unique simulator. A simulation’s companion website is the perfect place for a global high score board across all your users, to track simulator usage and promote the availability of your simulator to your target audience.
ForgeFX Simulations Training Simulator Development Services

Aircraft Deicing Simulator Developed for Global Ground Support

Custom 3D Job-Training Simulation Development Services

Your Project Requirements and Associated Pricing

Your specific project will have its own unique requirements. Based on these, we will work with you to arrive at a detailed bid to develop and deliver your project. If you need a ballpark price, we can often provide that during our initial phone conversation. If you require a more precise estimate and have a detailed project specification in hand, we can typically turn around a firm bid within a couple of weeks.

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