ForgeFX Simulations is a custom training simulation software development company. Founded in 2002, ForgeFX develops high-quality custom interactive 3D simulation and visualization software products for clients across a wide array of industries. Leveraging high-fidelity 3D graphics and modern game engine development tools, ForgeFX provides virtual and augmented reality application development services for clients who are looking to distribute interactive simulation-based training solutions, as well as machine learning development services applicable to a variety of different business processes.

ForgeFX Simulations, Custom 3D Training Simulators.

Our training products, employed by industries including national defense, healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance, mining, construction, and transportation, produce measurable improvements in trainee engagement and knowledge retention.

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The ForgeFX Team

We are an experienced team that has worked together designing and creating interactive 3D simulations for many years. We offer our clients a personal, transparent development process, holding regular project review meetings where we ensure that our progress continues to align with the project vision. This includes concepting and collaborating on solutions, presenting in-progress art and graphic assets, and offering regular technical updates. Every training solution is handcrafted for the unique needs of each client. We love what we do, and it shows in our work!

ForgeFX Simulations Founders

Since the founding of ForgeFX Simulations in 2002, co-founders Greg, Adam and David have been working together to design, produce and deliver simulation-based training application products, using traditional, virtual and augmented reality technologies. We have taken the time to develop an incredible team of professionals across a wide set of talents, who collectively follow the creative thought process of interactive 3D simulation and visualization development, from inception all the way through to deployment.

Greg Meyers

CEO and Co-Founder

As Chief Executive Officer, Greg consults with our clients, studies their business and generates creative solutions for their training needs. Greg helps clients come up with a range of big picture, out-of-the-box solutions, and works with them to make their vision a reality. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Greg serves as our principal consultant and initial point of contact for companies who are seeking simulation-based training guidance relevant to their specific requirements.

Adam Kane

CTO and Co-Founder

As Chief Technical Officer, Adam is our technical team manager for all projects, Adam plans and designs the technical architecture for our clients’ projects. Adam has 20+ years of experience leading teams of programmers to develop interactive 3D applications and simulations, using a variety of 3D engines in the rapidly changing landscape of 3D technologies.

David Vaillancourt

COO and Co-Founder

As Chief Operating Officer, Dave oversees all daily operations and manages the production staff to develop the high-end training simulation-based products that ForgeFX is known for. Dave oversees our Directors and Project Managers who lead the development of the training simulations we develop for our clients.

ForgeFX Simulations Development Team

Our modelers excel at re-creating practically anything under the sun, from sweeping landscapes to the smallest internal parts of medical imaging equipment. The backbone of our realistic simulators is the verisimilitude that our modelers deliver, scrupulously replicating both the physical features and the kinetic properties of our clients’ products. To bring our 3D models to life, we rely on our code developers to duplicate the physical functions and interactive details in response to the users’ actions. They program the responsiveness of hydraulics to the actions of the joystick; the particle physics of fluids, gases, soil, and metal; create the soundscape generated by engines and environments; and clone the interface functionality of clients’ software. Behind the scenes but essential to our development process are the specialists who maintain the superstructure that interconnects the various departments. Our experts maintain our schedules, administrate our Kanban task boards, perform quality assurance testing, and expand our internal ForgeSIM™ Framework capabilities.

Scott LaForge

Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer of ForgeFX, Scott LaForge focuses on ensuring that the company's products meet customer needs. He identifies new product opportunities, prioritizes features, and oversees development. Scott collaborates with engineering, design, and marketing teams to conduct market research, gather customer feedback, and analyze trends. He builds and maintains relationships with partners, customers, and stakeholders, understanding their needs and challenges to develop relevant products. Scott also fosters a customer-centric culture within the company, encouraging employees to prioritize the customer experience.

Genevieve Moore

Creative Director

Genevieve is an award-winning interactive designer who creates the user interfaces of our products. She ensures that our simulators reflect the branding and positioning of our clients, while keeping them intuitive and easy for their customers as well.

River Cox

Technical Program Manager

As the technical program manager at ForgeFX, River orchestrates the implementation of products across multiple disciplines. River is responsible for ensuring the timely and stable execution of product requirements and deliverables. He works closely with individual contributors to ensure the team is well prepared, trained, and coordinated to meet the unique requirements and challenges of each delivery.

Devin Weidinger

Senior Software Architect

A virtual reality enthusiast and passionate developer for Mobile VR, Devin enjoys rapid prototyping and proving theories one demo at a time. And when he’s not working, he’s still working—breaking new ground for the future of virtual reality. His interests are new technologies, drawing, programming, virtual reality, software development and competitive gaming.

Rachel Calgaro

QA Manager

Rachel oversees the quality assurance process at ForgeFX.  As QA manager, Rachel and the QA team works closely with the development team throughout the production of each simulator we create, testing the application as it gets built to ensure a bug-free delivery.  Rachel's attention to detail and methodical testing and reporting methods guarantee that upon release, your software will work as expected, without issue.

Brandon Floyd

Technical Artist Lead

Brandon oversees the technical art processes. As Tech Artist Lead Brandon and the art team work closely with the clients to obtain source CAD files and process them down to support real time models while keeping exquisite fidelity and realism. Brandon’s attention to detail and vast experience with multiple 3D software platforms gets the job done fast and accurately.

Jordan Schindel

Technical Artist / QA Engineer

With a background in AAA game and console hardware testing, Jordan is responsible for technical art implementation, quality assurance and performance profiling. Jordan's history with real-time rendering pipelines combined with an understanding of end-user expectations ensures ForgeFX's simulators provide users with a comfortable, consistent, and smooth virtual/extended reality experience.

Alec Tyre


A programmer who enjoys 3D math, gameplay programming, VFX, and systems, Alec likes bringing ideas to life and digging into the gritty details that make it happen. He is detail oriented and has an eye for bugs. In his spare time he works on hobby projects in Unity and hikes the hills and beaches around his house.

Travell McEntyre

3D Artist

Travell has a wide variety of high-end skills involving 3D development. He is capable of 3D modeling, rigging, animation and performing all the necessary procedures to bring assets into our simulation engine. Travell has a great understanding of all of the technologies ForgeFX leverages, which means he is able to assist in the entire development process of the projects. He works steadily and efficiently to ensure that his workflow is incremental and of high quality.

Jesto Jose

3D Environment Artist

Bringing more than 10 years of experience working on a variety of games for leading game companies, Jesto is a senior 3d environment artist with AAA game art background. He is responsible for virtual environments that closely resemble the real-world, and optimizing them for the platforms our simulators run on. Jesto is constantly in the process of learning new techniques to make the 3D environments stand out in the simulators that ForgeFX produces.

Sathish Kumar

3D Artist

Sathish specializes in the development of high-quality 3D art. He is constantly exploring the latest technologies and implementing them to produce a consistently evolving style. Sathish is also responsible for setting the quality bench-mark for the 3D assets based on next-gen technologies to develop and deploy your project successful.

Ken Vernon


Coming from a background as an independent video game developer, Ken brings a wide and varied suite of skills to the team. He primarily provides programming, debugging, and general Unity development, but is capable of branching out to anywhere within the development pipeline as the needs arise. When not working, he can be found composing music, or devoting himself to the continuation of his own VR game, Broken Dungeon, that has been released on Steam.

Spencer Bentley


A recent graduate with a passion for developing games and simulations, Spencer is a programmer responsible for implementing new features for VR products and providing assistance to the team whenever possible. When he's not working, you can find him either developing games on the side, hanging out with friends, or helping out his former professors at his local college.

Dimitri White


Dimitri is a passionate simulation and game developer. He is responsible for bug fixing and feature implementation. His experience includes game design, QA, and rapid prototyping. When not at work, he is gaming, playing guitar, or studying Japanese.

Miguel Whitney

Quality Assurance Engineer

Miguel is a big part of the Quality Assurance process at ForgeFX. Miguel brings 20+ years of know-how in the user experience and technical support fields to the table. As a detail-oriented front-end web developer, he brings the ability to see the products we develop for our customers from the user's perspective. Helping the team deliver a better product for both the client and the end user.

Benjamin Fever

Audio Engineer

Ben’s main role revolves around the production, processing, engineering, and implementation of audio into our simulations. Viewing audio almost as a visual environment, Ben helps paint 3D soundscapes that help submerge the user into a more immersive experience. He has a deep interest in extended reality and its development, and believes that it will pave the way for the future of technology.

Ken Cope


Ken is a 2D and 3D animation generalist. A TV, film, and game development artist, Ken is a pioneer of real-time 3D CG production, modeling the face of Cain in Robocop II, and animating for theme park rides and games, including Disney's Magic Carpet Ride in VR. For over two decades, Ken has taught his craft in California art schools and community colleges.

Christopher Workman


With a background in enterprise-level software development, Christopher's responsibilities at ForgeFX include programming and feature implementation. An ever-dedicated software engineer and passionate VR enthusiast, when Chris isn't at work you can find him pushing the boundaries of VR gaming on his own projects.

Jamie Cooper

Business Development Rep

Jamie helps ForgeFX research and identify new customers, make contact with them, and schedule meetings for potential clients with our sales executives. In addition, Jamie helps us by reporting on sales metrics, conducting market research, and helping us build strong relationships with our customers and colleagues.

Company Structure

ForgeFX Simulations was founded on the principle of developing high-quality custom interactive 3D simulation and visualization software products for clients. Including time spent at a collection of San Francisco Bay Area software companies, including Red Sky Interactive, Presage Software, Human Code, and Sapient, the founding partners of ForgeFX have been working together for more than 20 years. We produce top-notch and compelling work, but at a certain point we realized that incredible amounts of time were wasted on activities that didn’t directly contribute to development of the project at-hand. Many hours were spent just to get to the same physical space even though the products we were building were digital—and could be produced more efficiently when developers were able to work remotely. Hiring motivated, self-starting professionals who work remotely allows ForgeFX to avoid many of the hindrances and costs associated with modern day brick-and-mortar offices, which keeps developers happier, well-rested and more productive.

Our History

ForgeFX Leadership

The ForgeFX leadership team brings decades of combined experience in software development in various backgrounds. They have worked on teams together prior to founding ForgeFX and have now as a team created award-winning solutions for companies such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, General Electric, JLG Industries, Vermeer, FedEx, Pearson Education, Adobe, Pfizer, McDonalds, Farmers Insurance, Nissan and many others.

Passion For What We Do

ForgeFX has a passion for 3D simulation development, we love what we do. ForgeFX prides itself on its custom, tailored services. ForgeFX guarantees you direct personal service with people whom you will come to know and trust. We pay attention to the finest details, and deliver uniquely crafted products.

Long-Term Relationships

As a company priding itself on quality work relationships, ForgeFX’s goal is not to extract maximum dollar from each project but rather to establish long-term relationships with clients, partnering with them to craft and execute their long-term strategies.

3D Graphics Specialists

ForgeFX Simulations focuses on the development of interactive 3D simulations, which is where we excel. While we are more than capable of, and often produce other kinds of first-rate software, it is the creation of high quality 3D applications that we specialize in. We create assets (models, textures, animations, etc.), integrating them into modern off-the-shelf middleware video game applications, and code them in well-structured programming languages to produce solid computer-based training simulations for our clients to distribute to their end users, whether they are customers, internal staff or the public.

Game Engine Specialists

ForgeFX uses off-the-shelf middleware video game engine development tools to produce our products. We do not use proprietary, self-rolled, software for which finding additional developers can be difficult. ForgeFX uses industry-standard development tools which are popular within game and simulation development communities. In addition to all of the advantages this presents to ForgeFX (large developer pool to draw from, large support community, pre-built components that save time, etc.) there are significant advantages to clients. Clients own all of the source code and assets that we create, and in the unlikely event that the need ever surfaced, could remove ForgeFX from the project, and hire developers who are familiar with the development environment—picking up where ForgeFX left off.

Development Tools Experts

We are experts with the tools we use, have the knowledge to produce high-quality products with them and the expertise to complete enterprise-grade applications rapidly with a proven track record. In addition we are talented creative experts who know how to concept, design and implement highly immersive and engaging interactive simulations. The skills and expertise required to develop compelling simulation products is vast, comprised of both art skills and computer science skills—essentially both sides of the brain are required. ForgeFX has taken the care to develop a team of professionals across a wide set of talents, who collectively are able to follow the creative thought process of interactive 3D simulation and visualization development, from inception all the way through to deployment.

Agile Development Methodology

We follow an agile development process: this is built around a process of delivering fully functioning application builds every 2 weeks for review. At that point, we will meet virtually via conference call and shared desktop to review the progress made over the preceding month, review the current prioritized feature list, and discuss requirement details for the features to be developed over the course of the next 2 weeks. In the agile process each one-month block of development, called a sprint, looks like this:

Sprint Planning

Review the prioritized feature list, possibly reprioritizing features, and/or adding removing features based on what we learn as development progresses and clients give their feedback.


The development team, in communication with clients, works for 2 weeks developing the discussed features.

Sprint Delivery

At the end of each 2-week period, we upload the latest application build for download and review.

Review Meeting

Review of progress from the prior 2 weeks and feedback collection. Revisions based on this feedback will be candidates for completion in the following sprint.

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