Since the founding of ForgeFX Simulations in 2002, co-founders Adam, David, and Greg have been working together to deliver simulation-based training and product demonstrations, using virtual and augmented reality technologies.

The ForgeFX Simulations co-founders bring over 50 years of combined experience in the software development industry.

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We are an experienced team that has worked together designing and creating interactive simulations for a number of years before collaborating to form ForgeFX more than a decade ago. We offer our clients a personal, transparent development process, holding regular project review meetings where we ensure that our progress continues to align with the project vision. This includes David presenting the in-progress art and graphic assets and Adam offering technical updates. Every training solution is handcrafted for the unique needs of each client. We love what we do and it shows in our work!

The ForgeFX Team

Greg Meyers

CEO and Co-Founder

As Chief Executive Officer, Greg consults with our clients, studies their business and generates creative solutions for their training needs. Greg helps clients come up with a range of big picture, out-of-the-box solutions, and works with them to make their vision a reality. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Greg serves as our principle consultant and initial point of contact for companies who are seeking simulation-based training guidance relevant to their specific requirements.

Adam Kane

CTO and Co-Founder

As Chief Technical Officer, Adam is our technical team manager for all projects, Adam plans and designs the technical architecture for our clients’ projects. Adam has 20+ years of experience leading teams of programmers to develop interactive 3D applications and simulations, using a variety of 3D engines in the rapidly changing landscape of 3D technologies.

David Vaillancourt

COO and Co-Founder

As Chief Operating Officer, Dave oversees all daily operations and manages the production staff to develop the high-end training simulation-based products that ForgeFX is known for. Dave oversees our Directors and Project Managers who lead the development of the training simulations we develop for our clients.

Scott LaForge

Director of Product Development

As Director of Product Development, Scott provides architectural solutions and designs, assessments, strategies, and road maps. He works with senior leadership, stakeholders, and subject matter experts to define product ideas, iterate on those product ideas, and formulate a vision. He defines functional requirements for software products to fulfill the envisioned ideas, and interacts with other cross-functional teams to architect, design, develop, test, and release features and final products.

Genevieve Moore

Creative Director

Genevieve is an award-winning interactive designer who creates the user interfaces of our products. She ensures that our simulators reflect the branding and positioning of our clients, while keeping them intuitive and easy for their customers as well.

Nate Nolasco

Senior Program Architect

Nate is largely responsible for the development of new programs and software systems on ForgeFX projects. Nate works with team members to identify the goals of the software, develop a system for implementation, and oversee the development process. Nate manages reviewing code that programmers have written to ensure it works correctly and researching the most up-to-date techniques in software design.

Jake Tellestio

Senior Programmer

With more than 20 years of programming experience Jake handles the core of programming tasks ranging from UI work to shader programming to physics. His cross platform experience facilitates our simulators to run seamlessly across mobile, web and all desktop platforms.

Brandon Floyd

QA Manager

Brandon oversees the quality assurance process at ForgeFX. As QA manager, Brandon and the QA team works closely with the development team throughout the production of each simulator we create, testing the application as it gets built to ensure a bug-free delivery. Brandon’s attention to detail and methodical testing and reporting methods guarantee that upon release, your software will work as expected, without issue.

Stephen Clarke

Senior Programmer

Steve is involved in the majority of our projects as a consultant, project manager and senior coder. With 18 years programming experience in multiple programming languages and technologies, Steve is an all-rounder, capable of establishing the baseline for new projects and quickly adopting new technologies. As a senior, he drives and assists our coders across a range of disciplines.

Alexio Stramrood

Project Manager

Alexio streamlines the production process with efficient project management in order to improve production and keep projects within scope. She coordinates and implements office procedures in order to assist 3D artists and skilled programmers in achieving their utmost potential.



Ariefa Parker

3D Artist

Ariefa is an innovative 3D artist with experience in low poly modeling and texturing for games. She composes visual elements with accuracy as per specifications. Her focus is on achieving realism, since this is an integral part of creating simulations. She is able to address multiple projects with full attention to detail and quality.

Jonathan Brown

3D Artist

Jonathan has a wide variety of skills involving 3D development. He is capable of 3D modeling, rigging, animation and performing the necessary procedures to import assets into the Unity engine. Jonathan also has a great understanding of the Unity engine, which means he is able to assist in the development process of the projects. He works steadily and efficiently to ensure that his workflow is incremental and of high quality.

Nadine Kaiser

3D Artist

Nadine comes from a background in Advertising as an Art Director and Graphic Designer. She has worked on various brands, fulfilling briefs for both digital and print media. As part of her experience, she worked within the Art Department for a small 2D Animation Studio. Thereafter, she explored 2D projects in Animation. As the technology progressed, her passion grew to include the disciplines of 3D design. Her strength lies in 3D Modeling, Texturing and Lighting.

Matthew Kallis

Senior Programmer

Matthew is a specialist C# programmer focusing on design and implementation of longer term projects. As a perfectionist, he focuses on the entire lifecycle of projects and ensures an on time delivery that meets the required scope. As a senior, he guides and trains our programmers towards impeccable quality standards.

Zaahir Ameer

Technical Support

Zaahir is an electronic engineer with an affinity for software development. He maintains our backbone and consults on network and hardware strategies in order to improve the workflow and security of our systems. He assists with software development and has experience with hardware and embedded systems programming.

Keagan Fransch

Technical Support

Keagan supports the backbone of our IT infrastructure by providing hardware and network support. He researches and implements new technologies that enhances our competitiveness in the industry. Additionally, he provides QA and Motion capture support to the development team.

Sathish Kumar

Senior 3D Artist

Sathish specializes in the development of high-quality 3D art. He is constantly exploring the latest technologies and implementing them to produce a consistently evolving style. Sathish is also responsible for setting the quality bench-mark for the 3D assets based on next-gen technologies to develop and deploy your project successful.

Kearan Petersen


As a programmer, Kearan enjoys creating robust automation systems to help team workflow and improve productivity. He has experience in backend system design, front end UI implementation, optimization, debugging and quality assurance. He has an excellent knowledge of gaming trends and fields.

Sean Moolman


Sean is a motivated programmer with extensive experience, who is passionate about developing 3D applications. His duties include analyzing requirements, creating and configuring software components and the inevitable bug fixing. His strong points include software analysis, design and implementation.

Tess McGraw

3D Artist

With a deep-seated love for art and creativity, Tess is dedicated to bringing accuracy and attention to detail to her work, with a focus on modelling and animation. She aims to create realistic and graceful assets and animations in order to bring high quality outcomes to everything she works on.

Tristan Grove

3D Animator and Rigger

As a motivated 3D artist, an enthusiastic 3D animator and rigger, Tristan devotes all his attention to creating natural animation with easy to use character rigs. With experience in both conventional animation, as well as motion capture, Tristan is able to create realistic animation, which can be generalized and used for many different humanoid characters.

Angeli Mone van Rensburg

3D Artist

Angeli has a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia. She specializes in modelling, sculpting and texturing. Her work is influenced by her skills in film, motion graphics, 2 and 3 dimensional design and development. She can easily adapt to new trends and software.

Jenny Grobbelaar

3D Artist

As a skilled 3D artist Jenny is able to ensure users connect with the software through her unique use of color palettes, textures and styles. She is adept at working independently and as part of a larger artistic team. Her artistic success can be attributed to her thorough knowledge of the industry.

Garry Botha

Junior 3D Artist

Garry is a young and dedicated 3D artist with a focus on creating optimized 3D models for use in game engines. He is versed in a variety of 3D modelling and texturing programs and as a result is considerably flexible in his approach to modelling and texturing.

Marcus Smit

3D Artist

A relative newcomer to the 3D scene, Marcus nonetheless prides himself on fast, efficient work, ensuring that 3D models are optimized as per client instructions. He always ensures that he is up to date with the latest trends in technology and software. His strengths are critical thinking and innovation.

Ross Parsons


As a programmer, Ross is responsible for general code implementation and bug fixing. Ross is passionate about programming and 3D application development. His strong points include software analysis, design and implementation.

Peyton Gregory

Executive Assistant

As an executive assistant, Peyton enhances the ForgeFX executive team's effectiveness by providing information management support and representing the executive team to others. Peyton helps to conserves executive's time by reading, researching, routing correspondence, and initiating telecommunications.

Kyle Davids

3D Generalist

As a passionate 3D artist Kyle takes pride in his work. His duties include modeling, rigging, texturing, animation and material design. With a focus on realism, he utilizes the tools of his trade in order to blur the line between simulation and reality. Kyle is dedicated to producing high-performance assets with a minimal performance footprint.

Tyler Jordan

Animator & Production Artist

Tyler produces high quality animation and graphics in both 3d and 2d for ForgeFX. He is always looking for solutions that are out of the box and taking his animations to the next level. He works both in pre and post production from mocking up storyboards to finalizing animations.

Wickus Esterhuizen


As a programmer, Wickus works closely with the technical aspects of producing 3D applications and simulators by converting project requirements into code. Wickus is an expert at user interface design, memory footprint reduction, algorithmic performance optimization and general code implementation and bug fixing.

Nadia de-Klerk


Nadia is equally comfortable in 3D, 2D, & multimedia graphic design. She is first and foremost a qualified and experienced graphic designer. Nadia has a keen eye for detail, which was honed by the advertising industry’s demand for perfection. She excels in combining 3D and design, especially in texturing.

Grant Littlefield


With more than 5 years of experience in programming using Java, Visual Basic, Javascript and C#, Grant is excels at mastering complex technologies such as real-time mesh deformation and augmented reality development.

Willouw Louw


Willouw is an ambitious and meticulous compliment to the team. He integrates logical thinking and creativity in his work. Willouw has a passion for simulation-based game logic development and brings positive energy and enthusiasm to the workplace.

Company Structure

ForgeFX was founded on the principle of developing high-quality custom interactive 3D simulation and visualization software products for clients. Including time spent at a collection of other San Francisco Bay Area software companies, including Red Sky Interactive, Presage Software, Human Code, and Sapient, the founding partners of ForgeFX have been working together for more than 15 years.

We produce top-notch and compelling work, but at a certain point we realized that incredible amounts of time were wasted on activities that didn’t directly contribute to development of the project at-hand. Many hours were spent just to get to the same physical space even though the products we were building were digital — and could often be produced more efficiently when developers were able to work remotely.

Hiring motivated, self-starting professionals who work remotely allows ForgeFX to avoid many of the hindrances and costs associated with modern day brick-and-mortar offices, which keeps developers happier, well-rested and more productive.

Our History

ForgeFX Leadership

The ForgeFX leadership team brings decades of combined experience in software development in various backgrounds. They have worked on teams together prior to founding ForgeFX and have now as a team created award-winning solutions for companies such as Joy Global, JLG, Heifer International, LeapFrog, Global Ground Support, Pearson Education, Adobe, Pfizer, McDonalds, Chrysler, and Nissan.

Passion For What We Do

ForgeFX has a passion for 3D simulation development, we love what we do. ForgeFX prides itself on its custom, tailored services. ForgeFX guarantees you direct personal service with people whom you will come to know and trust. We pay attention to the finest details, and deliver uniquely crafted products.

Long-Term Relationships

As a company priding itself on quality work relationships, ForgeFX’s goal is not to extract maximum dollar from each project but rather to establish long-term relationships with clients, partnering with them to craft and execute their long-term strategies.

3D Graphics Specialists

ForgeFX Simulations focuses on the development of interactive 3D simulations, which is where we excel. While we are more than capable of, and often produce other kinds of first-rate software, it is the creation of high quality 3D applications that we specialize in. We create assets (models, textures, animations, etc.), integrating them into modern off-the-shelf middleware video game applications, and code them in well-structured programming languages to produce solid computer-based training simulations for our clients to distribute to their end users, whether they are customers, internal staff or the public.

Game Engine Specialists

ForgeFX uses off-the-shelf middleware video game engine development tools to produce our products. We do not use proprietary, self-rolled, software for which finding additional developers can be difficult. ForgeFX uses industry-standard development tools which are popular within game and simulation development communities. In addition to all of the advantages this presents to ForgeFX (large developer pool to draw from, large support community, pre-built components that save time, etc.) there are significant advantages to clients. Clients own all of the source code and assets that we create, and in the unlikely event that the need ever surfaced, could remove ForgeFX from the project, and hire developers who are familiar with the development environment—picking up where ForgeFX left off.

Development Tools Experts

We are experts with the tools we use, have the knowledge to produce high-quality products with them and the expertise to complete enterprise-grade applications rapidly with a proven track record. In addition we are talented creative experts who know how to concept, design and implement highly immersive and engaging interactive simulations. The skills and expertise required to develop compelling simulation products is vast, comprised of both art skills and computer science skills—essentially both sides of the brain are required. ForgeFX has taken the care to develop a team of professionals across a wide set of talents, who collectively are able to follow the creative thought process of interactive 3D simulation and visualization development, from inception all the way through to deployment.

Ready to work with us?

Contact ForgeFX to discuss custom training solutions for your organization’s needs. Whether you have a detailed project specification in hand and are looking for a great team of developers, or are just beginning to explore the advantages that interactive training simulations can bring to your organization, we’d love to hear from you.

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