ForgeFX Simulations is a proud simulator development partner of JLG Industries, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of aerial work platforms, telehandlers and other access equipment. In addition to creating industry-leading equipment, JLG partners with their customers by providing cutting-edge training and service, which is unsurpassed in the industry. The huge success JLG has achieved also presents them with a challenge, how to provide training for such a large number of new operators. To meet this challenge, JLG partnered with ForgeFX to develop AccessReady XR™, a virtual reality equipment training simulator that allows trainees to learn proper operation, in a safe and risk-free virtual environment.

JLG Industries, AccessReady XR

JLG Industries, AccessReady XR Virtual Reality Training Simulator

JLG’s AccessReady XR™, developed by ForgeFX Simulations, is now available to customers nationwide. This cost-cutting networked multiplayer VR training simulator is a great example of a ground breaking training option available to all industries, allowing for safe, effective and cost-efficient training.

JLG AccessReady XR Virtual Reality Training Simulator by ForgeFX Simulations

JLG Industries AccessReady XR™, Virtual Reality Operator Training Simulator

AccessReady XR is an advanced training tool that allows operators to safely work in challenging, real-world situations to develop their skills. This virtual reality training package brings the job site environment, access equipment and required skills together in an easy-to-use format. It’s a great option for rental companies and AccessReady trainers looking to give their trainees more hands-on training time.

ForgeFX Simulations produced a training simulator  framework for JLG that is available across a collection of platforms and devices, including Virtual Reality, Windows, iPad, etc., allowing operators to easily access the comprehensive simulation-based training content wherever they are. AccessReady XR™, now available for purchase from JLG Industries, provides operators with a virtual reality-based training simulator, including everything from machine controls familiarization, to task-based scenarios for training on complex maneuvers, to a networked multi-user instructor-led modes.

JLG Industries AccessReady XR Virtual Reality Training Simulator

JLG Industries AccessReady XR™ Virtual Reality Training Simulator

The JLG AccessReady XR™ Equipment Simulator helps operators to quickly, and safely, become comfortable and gain proficiency with  equipment controls, allowing them to be better, faster, and safer operators in the real world.

JLG Industries Access Equipment Training Simulator by ForgeFX Simulations

JLG Industries AccessReady XR™ Virtual Reality Equipment Training Simulator

JLG is dedicated to helping their customers increase productivity and lower operating costs. Their 800 Series Telescoping Boom Lift takes you from the ground to 80 feet in less than 67 seconds, with a horizontal outreach of up to 75 feet. JLG’s telescoping boom lifts take you from the ground to full extension in just over a minute, with horizontal outreaches up to 80 feet. Achieving proper training is essential in order to correctly and safely operate aerial work platforms. JLG’s AccessReady XR™ delivers highly interactive and immersive virtual reality-based simulation training to help produce the highly-trained operators.

Introducing the JLG® AccessReady XR™ Virtual Reality Training Simulator

Rick Smith, Director of Global Product Training at JLG, introduces you to JLG’s virtual reality training simulator. The AccessReady XR™ simulator gives you the power to train your employees and customers using the most advanced boom lift training right in your own facility.

Train in Networked Multiplayer with the JLG® AccessReady XR™ VR Simulator

Compete to see who can safely and efficiently operate a boom lift when you use the AccessReady XR™ training simulator in multiplayer mode. In this video, Rick Smith, director of global product training at JLG, competes with his colleague to reach a boom lift target.

AccessReady XR™ includes networked multiuser support, which allows multiple people to connect their simulators via the internet, and train together in a shared virtual environment. The network component allows simulators to connect to each other and trade data back and forth to create a virtual presence of each simulation station, creating a networked multiuser environment where simulation users can interact with each other and perform tasks together like they would in the real-world.

Networked Multi-User Virtual Reality Training Simulator

JLG Industries Networked Multiuser Virtual Reality Training Simulator

JLG AccessReady XR™ Virtual Reality Training Simulator Demo Reel

ForgeFX is proud to have developed this virtual reality training simulator for JLG Industries. The JLG equipment simulator provides VR-based training for operators of all skill levels, teaching everything from controls familiarization, to machine operation, to advanced spatial awareness challenges.

Featuring 6 degrees of freedom VR, hand tracking, real-world controls integration, and networked multi-user cooperative training support, the simulator delivers an unparalleled immersive training experience.

JLG 800S Aerial Work Platform Virtual Reality Training Simulator

Operating a boom lift requires proficiency in the real-world. Operators are controlling and moving a platform which they are on. They may be facing away from their target location, and they have extension and other controls to adjust their aerial position. Getting a feel for this is not possible by reading about it. It requires hands-on experience. After using an actual boom lift, whether real or simulated, operators rapidly gain a feel for the machine. In particular, the proportional nature of the controls requires experience in order to master the delicate touch which is most effective. Novice operators will often treat proportional controls as all-or-nothing controllers. After using the training simulator, operators gain an understanding of the delayed effect of proportional controls, and learn not to “over steer”.

Aerial Work Platform VR Training Simulator

Aerial Work Platform VR Training Simulator Virtual Controls

JLG Industries Immersive Training Simulator by ForgeFX Simulations

JLG Industries Immersive Training Simulator Controls Familiarization

JLG Boom Lift Training Simulators Increase Productivity

At their facility in McConnellsburg, PA, JLG has created a testing and training facility that duplicates many aspects of a typical real-world job site. For example, uneven surface, mock buildings under construction, and a variety of loads to transport. To train on site with experts at the proving grounds is an invaluable experience. However, the real-world proving grounds can’t handle the volume, nor can everyone handle the expense of on-site travel and training. In the JLG Equipment Simulator, ForgeFX has created a true-to-life replica of the Proving Grounds, allowing an unlimited number of students to gain much of what is gained in the real-world experience.

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Training Simulator developed for JLG Industries by ForgeFX Simulations

JLG’s HTC VIVE Pro Training Simulator by ForgeFX Simulations

JLG Industries Virtual Equipment Training Simulator

JLG Industries Access Equipment Training Simulator

The Simulated World Offers Options the Real World Cannot

The virtual experience offers trainees some things you can’t experience in the real-world.

JLG Industries Telehandler Training Simulator by ForgeFX Simulations

JLG Industries Telehandler Training Simulator

For example, within the simulation an operator can see an exterior, or bird’s eye view, of the effects of control manipulations as they are using the equipment.

JLG Industries Telehandler Training Simulator by ForgeFX Simulations

JLG Industries Telehandler Training Simulator

As a novice user extends the boom arm he can switch to a dedicated virtual camera which shows how much room he has left, allowing him to gain a feel for the limits of what is possible.

JLG Industries Telehandler Training Simulator

JLG Industries Telehandler Training Simulator

Studying Boom Lift Operations

The first step that ForgeFX takes when embarking on an operator training simulation development project for any piece of equipment is to study that equipment in operation in the real-world. The ForgeFX team brings on site every type of media capture device imaginable: SLR still cameras, audio recording equipment, and video recording equipment. The capture process for boom lifts which can operate 185 feet in the air posed a unique challenge. To meet this challenge, ForgeFX used drone-mounted aerial cameras in order to closely observe the actions of veteran operators at altitude.

Capturing and studying exactly how booms work can be a challenge. For example, the 1850 can operate 185 feet in the air. For all of our clients, ForgeFX begins the project with an onsite visit where we record many hours of raw source footage. This footage is then edited and cataloged for use as a reference during the simulation development process. ForgeFX brings everything to bear to capture every aspect possible.

Task-Based Training Scenarios

In addition to a free format controls familiarization mode, it is valuable to provide students with specific tasks to accomplish. This gives the training a sense of purpose and supports the opportunity to provide real-time corrections and guidance as a student is attempting to complete a specific task.

JLG Industries Training Simulator Task-Based Training Scenarios

JLG Industries Training Simulator Task-Based Training Scenarios

The JLG Equipment Simulator provides a variety of task-based challenges for students to complete. These include both novice level and intermediate level tasks. An example of a novice level task-based scenario for boom lifts is booming up to a telephone poll mounted light, on a level surface, to repair it. An example of an intermediate level scenario is booming into a structure within a confined area, requiring more sophisticated skills.

To guide users through these task-based scenarios, ForgeFX employed visuals, including glowing paths to travel and target boxes. These visual cues help trainees to practice proper vehicle maneuvering and lift platform positioning techniques. A collection of success criteria is set within the simulation and responds to those criteria being met. For example, the simulation tracks whether or not a user has successfully positioned the lift platform within a particular target zone. This automated computer-controlled tracking allows the simulator to give the real-time guidance and feedback to the student towards completing the assigned task.

JLG Immersive Training Simulator Task-Based Scenarios

JLG Immersive Training Simulator Task-Based Scenarios

JLG Immersive Training Simulator at Conferences and Expositions

Augmented World Expo 2018

The JLG Immersive Training Simulator was featured at Augmented World Expo 2018, in Santa Clara, California. AWE is the largest conference for augmented reality, virtual reality and wearable technology. ForgeFX CEO, Greg Meyers, and JLG Senior Director of Global Product Training, Rick Smith, presented this session, titled Virtual Training in the Access Industry. This session focused on how virtual reality training provides a safe place to practice, learn and improves the confidence of access equipment operators.


DevLearn 2017
The JLG Immersive Training Simulator was featured at DevLearn 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada. DevLearn is one of the largest, most comprehensive, learning technologies conference and exposition in the world. The JLG training simulator was featured in the session titled, Training Aerial Work Platform Operators Virtually, where conference attendees learned how JLG applied virtual reality technology to provide learning and practice opportunities in a perfectly safe virtual environment.


ConExpo 2017
The networked multi-user JLG Training Simulator was featured in both the Technology Pavilion as well as the JLG booth at ConExpo 2017. ConExpo is North America’s largest construction trade show representing asphalt, aggregates, concrete, earthmoving, lifting, mining, utilities and more.


Unity Vision Summit 2017
The JLG Immersive Training Simulator was featured at at Unity Vision Summit, May 1st 2017 in Los Angeles, California. The Unity Vision Summit is a popular exhibition attended by nearly 1400 market leaders in the VR, AR and gaming development world. This two-day event features demonstrations and discussions, that cover enterprise, entertainment, film, art, commercial and interactive experiences.

JLG Immersive Trainer by ForgeFX at Unity Vision Summit

JLG Immersive Trainer by ForgeFX at Unity Vision Summit


JLG Immersive Training Simulator in the News

Wall Street Journal 2017
The JLG Immersive Training Simulator was included in a June 5th, 2017 Wall Street Journal article, Virtual Reality Finally Catches On—With Businesses, by Betsy Morris. JLG’s training-system simulator, built by San Francisco-based ForgeFX Simulations, is networked so that multiple trainees across the globe can operate virtual machines in the same 3D construction site—all without leaving the ground. JLG says it plans to begin marketing the training programs as soon as July to as many as 50 customers who have asked for it.

“Hands down, it’s much safer than a real machine,” says Rick Smith, Senior Director of JLG’s Global Product Training

Virtual Reality Finally Catches On—With Businesses

Virtual Reality Finally Catches On—With Businesses

ConstrucTech TV
The JLG Virtual Reality Simulator was featured on ConstrucTech TV’s program, Safety Zone, in this episode titled, Simulating Heights. Host Peggy Smedley was joined by Richard Smith, Senior Director, Global Product Training at JLG to talk about the need for greater safety when working at heights—and how virtual reality might be the solution.

ForgeFX’s Solution for Boom Lift Training
Training for boom lift operation presented controls familiarization and spatial awareness challenges. ForgeFX met these challenges for JLG by developing the JLG Equipment Training Simulator allowing operators to learn and practice both safety and productivity in a virtual environment.  Meeting JLG’s special requirements for volume training, we did this in a way which is widely deployed across multiple options, including virtual reality, laptops, and tablets.

JLG Industries, AccessReady XR Training Simulator Image Gallery

A collection of screenshots and images of the JLG AccessReady XR training simulator.

What are your training needs?

Thank you for your interest in this virtual training simulator. Please see the JLG website for more information about their aerial work platforms, and for more information about the development of custom training simulators, please contact ForgeFX to discuss your requirements.

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