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JLG IndustriesForgeFX Simulations is a proud simulation development partner of JLG Industries, an Oshkosh Corporation company, and the world’s largest designer, manufacturer and marketer of access equipment (aerial work platforms, telehandlers, scissor lifts and other access equipment). JLG partnered with ForgeFX Simulations to develop this Telehandler Operator Training Simulator, a tablet-based equipment operator training simulator product that allows trainees to learn proper equipment operation procedures and techniques, in a safe, cost-effective, easily deployable, and risk-free virtual environment. The application simulates the JLG proving grounds at its customer training center, a four-acre tract of land that includes obstacle courses designed to train participants in the operation of JLG equipment.

JLG Equipment Training Simulator

JLG high capacity telehandlers allow operators to accomplish multiple tasks with the perfect blend of strength, versatility and smart technology. Their higher lift capacity and enhanced versatility cut down on the time it takes to complete the work, saving time, money and labor on the job site. JLG hired with ForgeFX to produce this tablet-based training simulator to ensure that operators have access to virtual simulation-based training at any time, and in any place. This equipment training simulator includes multiple pieces of equipment, including telehandlers and mobile elevating work platforms.

JLG Telehandler Operator Training Simulator by ForgeFX Simulations

JLG Telehandler Operator Training Simulator by ForgeFX Simulations

The JLG Equipment Simulator is a training tool for operators who are learning to use JLG boom lifts and telehandlers. The application provides beginner and intermediate level scenarios to help improve operational skills, as well as a controls familiarization. While there is no substitute for real-world training, training simulators allow operators to quickly become familiar with machine controls so they can rapidly progress to more difficult concepts that require comprehensive knowledge of all machine controls.

Telehandler Operator Training Simulator

The simulator, featuring fully virtual controls and machines, includes two joysticks that allow operators to maneuver height and reach, and also drive the machine. The application contains two views, one from the operator’s perspective, and a second external side view of the equipment. The combination of views allows operators to quickly understand and master the spatial awareness challenges they’ll face in the real world. The simulator helps reduce the learning curve when a user first operates a piece of JLG equipment, as it replicates working with an actual machine on an actual job site.

JLG Telehandler Operator Training Simulator

JLG Telehandler Operator Training Simulator

Reduced Training Costs: Advanced simulation-based training allows employees to train in a safe and risk-free virtual environment, reducing wear and tear on valuable physical equipment.
Quality Practice Time: Increased virtual hands-on training reduces the time it takes to reach to proficiency. Real-world controls and simulator integration translates easily to machine knowledge.
Skills Evaluation: Create and save custom training scenarios to test a variety of different skills and select the criteria important to your organization used to monitor trainee performance.

Task-Based Training Scenarios

In addition to a free format controls familiarization mode, it is valuable to provide students with specific tasks to accomplish. This gives the training a sense of purpose and supports the opportunity to provide real-time corrections and guidance as a student is attempting to complete a specific task. The JLG access equipment training simulator provides a variety of task-based challenges for students to complete. These include both novice level and intermediate level tasks. An example of a novice level task-based scenario for boom lifts is booming up to a telephone poll mounted light, on a level surface, to repair it. An example of an intermediate level scenario is booming into a structure within a confined area, requiring more sophisticated skills.


To guide users through these task-based scenarios, ForgeFX employed visuals, including glowing paths to travel and target boxes. These visual cues help trainees to practice proper vehicle maneuvering and lift platform positioning techniques. A collection of success criteria is set within the simulation and responds to those criteria being met. For example, the simulation tracks whether or not a user has successfully positioned the lift platform within a particular target zone. This automated computer-controlled tracking allows the simulator to give the real-time guidance and feedback to the student towards completing the assigned task.

Telehandler Training Simulator

ForgeFX Simulations partnered with JLG to develop this tablet-based telehandler operator training simulator. Providing portable simulation-based training technology, allows the trainee to remotely train in a realistic, virtual, and challenging environment to master the controls and develop the skills required to operate the machine.

Equipment Operator Training Simulators

Thank you for your interest in the equipment operator training simulator products developed by ForgeFX for JLG. Please visit the JLG Industries website for more information about all of their equipment and related products, and for more information about the development of a custom training simulator for your company, please contact ForgeFX Simulations to discuss your requirements and receive an estimate.
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