JLG Industries

JLG Industries
ForgeFX Simulations is a proud simulation development partner of JLG Industries, an Oshkosh Corporation company, and the world’s largest designer, manufacturer and marketer of access equipment (aerial work platforms, telehandlers, scissor lifts and other access equipment). JLG partnered with ForgeFX Simulations to develop AccessReady Fusion XR™, a virtual reality-based equipment training simulator product that allows trainees to learn proper equipment operation procedures and techniques, in a safe, cost-effective and risk-free virtual environment.

AccessReady Fusion XR™

AccessReady Fusion XR™ Virtual Reality Training Simulator

JLG Industries AccessReady Fusion XR
There’s a brand-new way to experience training—and it’s now available to customers nationwide. AccessReady Fusion XR™, is a cost-effective VR training simulator for booms and scissor lifts, that leverages cutting-edge technology to help trainees practice the hands-on skills they need in an immersive virtual environment. The JLG AccessReady XR™ Equipment Simulator helps operators to quickly, and safely, become comfortable and gain proficiency with equipment controls, allowing them to be better, faster, and safer operators in the real world. Virtual reality training rapidly translates into real-world knowledge, while decreasing trainee time to proficiency.

JLG Access Ready Fusion XR™ by ForgeFX Simulations

JLG Access Ready Fusion XR™ by ForgeFX Simulations

JLG Industries, AccessReady Fusion XR™, Virtual Reality Training Simulator

AccessReady Fusion XR™ is an advanced simulation-based training tool allows operators to safely work on challenging virtual representations of real-world situations to develop their skills. This virtual reality training simulator product brings the job site environment, equipment and required skills together in an easy-to-use and learn format. The simulator is a great option for trainers from JLG, their distributors, and rental companies who are looking to give their trainees more hands-on training time, without increasing the risks inherent with real-world training.

Virtual Reality Training Simulator

Reduced Training Costs: Advanced simulation-based training allows employees to train in a safe and risk-free virtual environment, reducing wear and tear on valuable physical equipment.
Quality Practice Time: Increased virtual hands-on training reduces the time it takes to reach to proficiency. Real-world controls and simulator integration translates easily to machine knowledge.
Skills Evaluation: Create and save custom training scenarios to test a variety of different skills and select the criteria important to your organization used to monitor trainee performance.

Networked Multiplayer VR Training Simulator

AccessReady Fusion XR™ includes networked multiuser support, which allows multiple people to connect their simulators via the internet, and train together in a shared virtual environment. Networked multiuser simulators allow trainees and trainers to connect from different physical locations and still conduct the necessary training. Removing the need for trainers to travel in order to conduct training significantly increases the value of the simulator by reducing the time and cost associated with traditional training methods.

Networked Multi-User Virtual Reality Training Simulator

JLG Industries Networked Multiuser Virtual Reality Training Simulator

Virtual Reality Training

ForgeFX Simulations partnered with JLG Industries to develop AccessReady Fusion XR™, their latest operator training tool. Combining virtual reality and simulation-based training technology, allows the trainee to safely work in virtual, challenging, real-world situations to develop their skills.

Equipment Operator Training Simulators

Thank you for your interest in the equipment operator training simulator products developed by ForgeFX for JLG. Please visit the JLG Industries website for more information about all of their equipment and related products, and for more information about the development of a custom training simulator for your company, please contact ForgeFX Simulations to discuss your requirements and receive an estimate.
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