Komatsu Mining Corporation

Komatsu Mining Corporation

ForgeFX Simulations is proud to be a training simulator development vendor for Komatsu Mining Corporation, a Japanese multinational corporation that primarily manufactures construction, mining, forestry and military equipment. ForgeFX has developed simulation-based training programs for Komatsu Mining’s underground equipment, as well as surface mining equipment training simulators for Komatsu’s subsidiary, Joy Global, a company that manufactures and services heavy equipment used in the extraction and haulage of minerals. Delivering training simulators for their underground longwall systems, loaders and haulers, as well as simulators for surface mining rope shovels, blasthole drills and front-end loaders, ForgeFX has become an expert at developing virtual training simulator systems for heavy earth moving equipment. 

ForgeFX develops Komatsu’s line of ProMiner™ Training Simulators, which provide new and veteran operators the conditions to learn and practice their skills operating multiple pieces of Komatsu mining equipment. These simulators remove the risk of costly mistakes and keeps real-world machinery in production not in training. As part of the suite of simulators that ForgeFX developed for Komatsu, this simulator was developed by ForgeFX for Komatsu’s P&H 320XPC and 320XPC ST Drills, built for the toughest hard-rock and high production mining operations in the world. The training simulator teaches people how to operate real-world drills, reduces training costs and associated equipment damage and increases revenue by maximizing drill operator efficiency.


Simulator Benefits and Features

Connected to a pair of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) controllers, the simulator mirrors Komatsu’s real-world drill, allowing the operator to learn and perfect every function of the drill, from operating the breakout wrenches, to the pipe racks, to the bit air system. Operators train in a virtual environment where mistakes are valuable lessons instead of costly mishaps.

The simulator features both beginner and expert modes so that operators at different levels can increase their skills. In addition, an introductory video is included for users new to computer-based training, providing step-by step instructions on how to use the simulation.

Operators learn how to perform all drill functions, including:

  • How to raise the mast.
  • How to drill a hole.
  • How to assemble the drill pipe string.
Blasthole Drill Training Simulator

P&H Drill Training Simulator developed for Joy Global, Inc.


Real-Time Performance Data

At all times during the simulator session, real-time performance data is being collected and tracked  everything from session time, to drill bit depth, to rotary RPM. The simulator generates a detailed end-of-session performance report, providing insight into an operator’s strengths, weaknesses and progress, and it also allows operators to monitor their own performance in real-time. The end-of-session report collects all data from the training session, including:

  • Set-up time.
  • Number of regrinds.
  • Number of over-currents.
Blasthole Drill Operator Training Simulator

drill operator training simulator.


Simulator Return on Investment

The training simulator quickly and safely trains operators that will have fewer accidents, perform their jobs faster, more productively, and more confidently. With this highly efficient workforce in place, mining operations move more materials in less time, reducing their cost of production, directly increasing their profit.

Mining Drill Training Simulator

Operating a mining drill training simulator.

Drill Operator Training Simulator Image Gallery

A collection of screenshots and images of the Komastu Drill Operator Training Simulator.


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Thank you for your interest in the ProMiner Training Simulators developed by ForgeFX Simulations for Komatsu Mining Corporation. Please see the Komatsu Mining Corporation website for more information about all of their mining equipment and related products. For more information about the development of custom training simulations for your equipment, please contact ForgeFX Simulations to discuss your requirements and receive an estimate.
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