Vermeer Corporation

Vermeer Corporation

ForgeFX Simulations is honored to be a training simulator developer for Vermeer Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment. Vermeer is a privately held company that distributes products globally. Vermeer serves the construction, landscaping, environmental, excavation, and forage markets domestically and internationally. ForgeFX Simulations developed this horizontal directional drill (HDD) simulator for Vermeer and their customers to allow operators to conduct safe and cost-effective virtual drill training.


Vermeer HDD Simulator

Featuring a complete line of horizontal directional drills, Vermeer is a market leader in underground utility installation. With the need for infrastructure development and underground utility installations rising around the world, the need for skilled HDD operators is skyrocketing. To meet this growing demand, Vermeer partnered with ForgeFX Simulations to developed this HDD training tool.

Vermeer Horizontal Directional Drilling Training Simulator by ForgeFX Simulations

Vermeer Corporation HDD Training Simulator, Virtual Controls

Vermeer has made a commitment to helping utility contractors tackle jobs in the tightest spaces and most challenging soil types. Their D23x30 S3 offers speed and power in a short, narrow footprint to help increase productivity when working in compact urban or commercial job sites. This training simulator helps Vermeer teach operators all about the drill controls, how to correctly use the drill to complete bores, as well as all of the intricacies involved in horizontal directional drilling.

Vermeer Underground Horizontal Directional Drill Training Simulator

Vermeer Underground Horizontal Directional Drill Training Simulator

Horizontal directional drilling, also called directional boring, is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables through the use of a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area. This is a preferred method because most of the ground surface remains undisturbed, the impact to the surrounding environment, both natural and man-made, is drastically reduced. However, horizontal directional drilling requires attention to detail, and when lack of training or errors due to rushing occurs,  a considerable amount of damage can be done and many parties can be impacted. For this reason, a comprehensive training solution was necessary.

Horizontal Directional Drill Operator Training Simulator

Simulation-Based Training for Horizontal Directional Drill Operators

This simulator allows operators to purposely undertake activities and procedural tasks within a safe virtual environment, without incurring dangerous implications. HDD operators must bore precisely from one point to another, often under waterways, railroad tracks or active residential roads, while avoiding underground utilities, such as power, water, sewer, telecommunications and natural gas lines. Simulation-based training allows operators to gain a greater understanding of the consequences of their actions and the need to reduce any errors, in a hands-on, participation-style of training.

Vermeer's HDD VR Training Simulator at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

Vermeer Corporation and ForgeFX Simulations launched this virtual reality horizontal directional drill operator training simulator at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, North America’s largest construction trade show, representing asphalt, aggregates, concrete, earthmoving, lifting, mining, utilities and more.

Vermeer Corporation Horizontal Directional Drilling Virtual Reality Training Simulator, developed by ForgeFX Simulations

Vermeer Corporation Horizontal Directional Drilling Virtual Reality Training Simulator

Held every three years in Las Vegas, this massive event features the latest equipment advances and newest technology applications in every aspect of construction. Organized by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), CONEXPO-CON/AGG brings together contractors, materials producers, government and institutional sector officials with experts from all areas of the construction and agricultural industries.

Virtual Reality Training for Horizontal Directional Drill Operators

Luis Sosa of Vermeer Corporation demonstrates the HDD Simulator at ConEXPO 2020

The simulator gives operators real-time feedback, allowing them to understand what went wrong and how they can improve their skills. Simulation users don’t have to wait for real-world equipment to become available for training or real situations to arise in order to conduct training.

Simulation-Based Training for Drill Operator Training

Available in both VR and traditional flat screen modes.

Vermeer's HDD Simulator Image Gallery

A collection of screenshots and images of the Vermeer horizontal directional drill training simulator.

About Vermeer Corporation

Vermeer Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment. The privately held company distributes products globally from production facilities in Pella, Iowa, United States and multiple international locations worldwide. Founded in 1948 by Gary Vermeer, as Vermeer Manufacturing Company, the company is in its third generation of family management under President and CEO Jason Andringa as well as other members of the third generation.

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