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JLG IndustriesForgeFX Simulations is a proud simulation development partner of JLG Industries, an Oshkosh Corporation company and the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of aerial work platforms, telehandlers and other access equipment. In addition to creating industry-leading equipment, JLG partners with their customers by providing cutting-edge training and service, which is unsurpassed in the industry. The huge success JLG has achieved also presents them with a challenge, how to provide training for such a large number of new operators. To meet this challenge, JLG partners with ForgeFX Simulations to develop a suite of operator training simulators, including AccessReady Fusion XR™, a virtual reality equipment training simulator product that allows trainees to learn proper access equipment operation, in a safe, risk-free and cost-effective virtual environment.

ForgeFX Simulations produced a training simulator framework for JLG that is available across a collection of platforms and devices, including Virtual Reality, Windows, iPad, etc., allowing operators to easily access the comprehensive simulation-based training content wherever they are. AccessReady Fusion XR™, now available for purchase from JLG Industries, provides operators with a virtual reality-based training simulator, including everything from machine controls familiarization, to task-based scenarios for training on complex maneuvers, to a networked multi-user instructor-led mode. 

Scissor Lift Simulator
Electric Scissor Lift Training Simulator
JLG Industries, Scissor Lift Training Simulator

  • The 1930ES training simulator allows operators to train virtually on all aspect of the scissor lift’s operation. The simulator covers everything from equipment controls familiarization to machine operation training, giving users the ability to become expert operators before getting into the real-world lift.


Boom Lift Simulator
Telescopic Boom Lift Training Simulator
JLG 800S Boom Lift Training Simulator

  • The 800S telescopic boom lift simulator is part of the JLG product, AccessReady Fusion XR™. This simulator provides immersive, virtual reality-based training for users of all skill levels, covering everything from controls familiarization to advanced machine operation.
Ultra Boom Lift Simulator
Ultra Series Telescopic Boom Lift Simulator
JLG 1850SJ Ultra Boom Lift Training Simulator

  • The JLG Industries 1850SJ Ultra Series boom lift simulator provides necessary training for a large piece of industrial equipment. The telescoping jib and five section boom is capable of extending up to 185 feet above the ground, providing a nearly 3 million cubic foot work area.


AccessReady Fusion XR training simulator combines cutting-edge technology with a unique training experience to help trainees build the hands-on skills they need. The training simulation applications listed above, including AccessReady Fusion XR™, are part of the suite of products that ForgeFX Simulations develops and maintains for JLG Industries.

JLG AccessReady Fusion XR™ Virtual Reality Training Simulator

ForgeFX Simulations is proud to have developed AccessReady Fusion XR™ for JLG Industries. This networked multiuser virtual reality equipment operator training simulator provides highly interactive and immersive training for equipment operators of all skill levels to teach everything from controls familiarization, to machine operation, to advanced spatial awareness challenges.

JLG AccessReady Fusion XR™ by ForgeFX Simulations

JLG AccessReady Fusion XR™ by ForgeFX Simulations

Virtual Reality Training Simulator

Now available to customers nationwide, AccessReady Fusion XR™ is a cost-effective VR training simulator that includes multiple training options, from multi-user scenarios to an instructor-led mode. Practice your skills in a virtual environment that provides real-time interaction and true-to-life job site scenarios. Featuring 6 degrees of freedom virtual reality, real-world controls integration, networked multi-user cooperative training support, and hand, head and positional tracking, the simulator delivers an unparalleled immersive training experience.
JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company, is an American designer, manufacturer and marketer of access equipment (aerial work platforms and telehandlers). The company’s products are used in construction, fit-outs, industrial maintenance, material handling and facilities maintenance. Founded in 1969, JLG operated independently until 2006 when it was acquired by Oshkosh Corporation. JLG operates globally and is headquartered in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, United States.

Equipment Operator Training Simulators

Thank you for your interest in the equipment operator training simulator products developed by ForgeFX Simulations for JLG Industries. Please visit the JLG Industries website for more information about all of their equipment and related products, and for more information about the development of a custom training simulator for your company, please contact ForgeFX Simulations to discuss your requirements and receive an estimate.
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