ForgeFX Simulations developed this aircraft deicing simulator for Global Ground Support, a leading manufacturer of airport ground support equipment used both commercially and by the military. Building upon the success of this training simulator, a next-generation version of the simulator is in development and early beta stages of deployment. The next-generation aircraft deicing simulator includes many upgrades and new features, including support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality platform.

Virtual Reality Aircraft Deicing Training Simulator

VR Aircraft Deicing Training Simulator

Global Ground’s mission is to provide the best in equipment and ground support to get your flight in the air on time.

The training simulation teaches equipment operators year-round to use Global Ground’s Support deicers quickly, with more flexibility and at a lower cost than traditional training. No real-world equipment is taken off the line and no expensive consumables, such as fuel, oil and deicing fluids, are required for simulation-based training.

Training Deicer Operators

When planes take off in stormy weather, they must be properly deiced to reduce the risk of accidents. In addition, deicing operators must be extremely careful when deicing planes, since any collision between deicing equipment and a plane is costly and can cause flight delays.

With stakes as high as these, training highly competent deicing operators is crucial. However, relying solely on traditional training can be expensive and difficult, requiring specific weather conditions and the use of costly consumables.

Simulator Features and Capabilities

The software simulates Global Ground Support’s 2200TEAP deicer. The software, coupled with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware, which includes joysticks, pedals, and a wide-screen display, gives the user a first-person perspective of an operator sitting within the cab of the real-world deicer. The simulation includes a true-to-life real-time fluid rendering system, accurately representing the nozzle and spray dynamics, allowing operators to acquire the necessary finesse to expertly operate the deicer.

Training simulation sessions begin by selecting the type of aircraft to be deiced and parameters, including the time of day, wind conditions, temperature, and the type of precipitation present in the environment. The operator has full control over the deicer’s boom arm, cab rotation, truck location, nozzle settings, fluid selection, spray selection and lights.

Deicer Simulator Benefits

Simulation-based training ensures that operators are active participants in the learning process, instead of passive audience members merely watching traditional pre-training presentations and videos. Clearly, operators require experiential training, but preferably not with the actual planes or deicing equipment until after they are familiar with the equipment, weather conditions, and procedures.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

The simulation tracks the performance of users, recording their scores for review by instructors. Users are scored on their performance, including amount of contaminant removed, time taken, gallons of fluid used, no-spray area violations, and aircraft collisions.

This scoring system also incorporates a high-score board, encouraging operators to compete against each other and have fun while perfecting their efficient execution of proper techniques.


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