Training Simulation Projects

Over the last ten years, ForgeFX has created a large and diverse collection of 3D interactive training simulations. The examples in this showcase are representative of the range and types of projects we have developed.

Equipment Operator Training Simulators

Simulators are ideal tools for training heavy equipment operators to operate sophisticated machinery. They are cost-effective, safe, and efficient methods for training all concepts and skills from controls familiarization to procedure compliance. Simulation training maximizes productivity in the real world and increases a company’s bottom line via greater workforce efficiency.
ForgeFX built the  ProMiner™ Training Simulators suite of heavy equipment training simulators for Joy Global, Inc., a worldwide leader in surface and underground mining equipment. Joy Global is a leader in high-productivity mining solutions, designing, manufacturing and servicing underground and surface mining equipment for the worldwide mining industry.

Front-End Wheel Loader Training Simulator

This wheel loader training simulator was developed by ForgeFX for Joy Global’s front-end wheel loader, the LeTourneau 2350. It is the largest rubber-tired loader in the world, with a standard operating capacity of 160,000 pounds and a 53 cubic foot bucket.

P&H L-2350 Wheel Loader Training Simulator

P&H Letourneau-2350 Wheel Loader Training Simulator

Blasthole Drill Training Simulator

This drill operator training simulator was developed by ForgeFX for Joy Global’s line of P&H Blasthole Drills. The training simulator teaches people how to operate real-world drills, reduces training costs and associated equipment damage, and increases revenue by maximizing drill operator efficiency.

Blasthole Drill Training Simulator

Blasthole drill training simulator

Electric Rope Shovel Training Simulator

This rope shovel operator training simulator was developed by ForgeFX for Joy Global’s line of P&H Mining Electric Rope Shovels. This custom simulator trains workers to operate a 4100XPC Electric Rope Shovel.

Rope Shovel Training Simulator

Electric rope shovel operator training simulator

Aircraft Deicing Training Simulator

The Global Ground Support Aircraft Deicing Simulator is a 3D training simulation for airport ground support equipment operators, allowing operators to be trained, tested, and assessed on all aspects of aircraft deicing in a safe, risk-free, and low cost environment.

Aircraft Deicing Training Simulator

Aircraft deicing training simulator

Job-Process Training Simulations

Many jobs do not require heavy equipment operation. However, simulations are just as relevant to familiarize workers with challenges, job roles and safety requirements of their work environments. These simulations provide significant return on investment via increased worker productivity.

Job-process simulations are used to teach and test job-based procedures, allowing personnel to practice critical components of the tasks required of them. This all takes place in a safe virtual environment where mistakes become learning opportunities instead of costly mishaps.

Livestock Manager Training Simulation

This 3D simulation trains pork producers to help pigs stay healthy, resulting in a more productive, and profitable operation. ForgeFX developed this interactive livestock management training simulation, named Virtual Walking the Pens, for Zoetis, formerly Pfizer Animal Health.

Livestock Production Training Simulator

Pork producer training simulation, developed for Zoetis (formally Pfizer Animal Health).

Construction Worker Training Simulation

In this training simulation, players confront industry-specific hazards while performing job tasks as safely and effectively as possible. California State Compensation Insurance Fund, having a vested interest in construction site safety, sponsored the development of this project to reduce job site accidents and their associated costs.

Industrial Safety Training Simulation

Construction job site safety training simulation.

Military Personnel Training Simulation

The military has a longstanding tradition of employing job training simulations to prepare troops for a wide array of job roles.

One specific example is the following simulation which allows soldiers to practice assembling a portable armored wall system, a mission-critical defensive structure, quickly in a safe and risk-free virtual environment. This military training simulation was developed for Dynamic Defense Materials.

Military Equipment Training Simulation

Military equipment assembly training simulation.

Educational Simulations

Interactive educational simulations immerse students in the learning process, transforming them from passive audience members to active participants who control and experiment with content delivered in a compelling, interactive form. Done correctly, educational simulations use game design principles such as points, awards and badges to engage and maintain the interest of a younger age group.

Interactive Science Labs

For more than a decade, Pearson Education has partnered with ForgeFX to deliver online interactive science activities that help students grasp and master concepts through experiential learning. A wide range of science topics from fields including physics, astronomy, chemistry and geology can be accurately represented in simulations. Students experiment with these interactive models, tinkering with relevant parameters to explore how these systems work in the real world.

Interactive 3D Educational Simulations

Interactive science activity simulating wave motion.

Simulations for Awareness and Change

Simulations can provide an entertaining way to promote your cause, build awareness and gain support. Game-based simulations provide role-playing experiences that build empathy and awareness where players step inside someone else’s shoes and have to make various critical decisions to cope with their situation.

For example, Heifer Village: Nepal, a game-based educational simulation developed for Heifer International, simulates the challenges faced by those living in poverty and hunger. Players take on the role of a teenage villager to experience some of poverty’s challenges and explore ways to address these issues.

3D Simulation-Based Educational Game

Interactive 3D task-based educational simulation game.

Developing Your Project

As these examples show, our custom-built simulations can be developed for almost any training or learning application. Get in touch to discuss how ForgeFX can create the perfect simulation-based training solution for your organization.