ForgeFX is a 3D job-training simulation and eLearning development company. Using high-fidelity 3D graphics, we provide custom application development services for clients who are looking for interactive job-training simulations. Our simulation technology and production expertise are not limited to any one industry—we love to employ our talent and creativity on projects in new areas.

Our current clients include businesses in a number of industries, including mining, construction, air transportation, material handling, livestock management, insurance, healthcare and defense.

We work with you to build interactive 3D simulations that give your trainees and existing employees the ability to learn effectively while reducing your training costs and increasing employee efficiency and productivity — increasing your bottom line.

Why Create 3D Job-Training Simulations?

Interactive 3D job-training simulations fully engage users, transforming them from passive audience members to active participants in the training process. If you are selling equipment, simulations can be part of an effective sales strategy. If you are training users to operate equipment or perform tasks, you can use simulators to provide the kind of hands-on, life-like experience that allows participants to master skills and hone the ability to make critical decisions in the real world.

Simulations Cut Costs

It can be expensive, impractical, and sometimes even dangerous to provide your audience with direct experience using actual equipment and instructors in the real world. You can limit these costs and risks without sacrificing results by using simulations to provide virtual hands-on experience. Without attempting to completely replace real-life training, simulations can significantly reduce the amount of time that it takes to master real-world skills.

Simulations Drive Equipment Sales

If your business includes equipment sales, simulations can be leveraged as an effective part of your sales strategy. First, simulations can be used to show a perspective customer exactly what your equipment is capable of doing. In addition, bundling a simulation to include as a bonus with your product gives you a sales edge over competitors who do not have an equivalent offering. For most equipment manufacturers, the cost to hire ForgeFX to develop a simulation is trivial in relation to overall equipment production costs.

Ready to learn more?

Whether you have a detailed project specification in hand and are looking for a vendor or are just beginning to explore the advantages that interactive job-training simulations can bring to your organization, contact us now to learn more about how we can be of service to you.

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