Simulation-based training has been embraced for decades in military and aerospace applications. Today, technological advances have increased the practicality and affordability of providing simulation-based training for a wider range of industries, which now includes healthcare, mining, construction and even soft-skills job training such as customer service.The following are industries that most typically take advantage of simulation-based training. However, almost any company in any industry can train its staff with a custom-made simulation.

Mining Construction Air Transportation Agriculture Defense Energy Healthcare Education Emergency Services Non-Profit
Mining simulators are often used to train operators of both surface and underground machinery. Surface mining heavy equipment typically includes rope shovels, haul trucks, front end loaders and blasthole drills. Underground mining equipment includes continuous miners, shuttle cars, long-wall systems and more. Operator safety and productivity are the focus of simulation-based training in the mining industry.


Joy Global’s Electric Rope Shovel Simulator developed by ForgeFX

As part of the simulation package that ForgeFX developed for Joy Global’s P&H mining equipment line, this custom training simulator trains workers to operate a 4100XPC Electric Rope Shovel.


Construction equipment operators often require experience and competence across a wide variety of machinery. Simulators allow operators to train virtually on a wide range of equipment and can simulate the real-world conditions and safety concerns of a busy worksite. Simulators are also excellent tools to test and verify competency before equipment operation on the job site.

The JLG Boom Lift Training Simulator developed by ForgeFX Simulations.

The JLG Boom Lift Training Simulator developed by ForgeFX Simulations.

ForgeFX is a proud simulator development partner of JLG Industries, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of aerial work platforms, telehandlers and other access equipment.

Air Transportation
In addition to traditional flight simulators, the air transportation and aerospace industries often take advantage of 3D simulations to train airport maintenance staff, and ground support equipment operators.

Military Aircraft Deicing Training Simulator

Global Ground Support’s Aircraft Deicing Simulator developed by ForgeFX.

The simulation tracks the performance of users, recording their scores for review by instructors. Users are scored on their performance, including amount of contaminant removed, time taken, gallons of fluid used, no-spray area violations, and aircraft collisions.


Livestock management and animal production is often carried out at a large scale and within tight profit margins and testing a new livestock production strategy in the real world can introduce unacceptable risk.

Virtual Walking the Pens, developed by ForgeFX for Zoetis (Pfizer Animal Health)

Virtual Walking the Pens, developed by ForgeFX for Zoetis (Pfizer Animal Health)

In a much shorter timeframe, simulations allow producers to test and evaluate multiple production strategies without real-world delays, costs or health risks to livestock.

National Defense

Often referred to as war games, military training simulations allow for mission-critical concepts and skills of warfare to be tested and refined without equipment damage or loss of life.

Military Equipment Training Simulation

Dynamic Defense Material’s Equipment Assembly Training Simulation developed by ForgeFX.

The interactive 3D assembly training simulator allows soldiers to prepare for the assembly of armor, a mission critical combat component, in a safe and risk-free virtual environment.

Industrial Health & Safety

The goal of industrial health and safety groups, whether internal or external, is to ensure safe work environments and reduce the number of workplace-related injuries and accidents. This contributes to a strong, healthy workforce and reduces costs stemming from work-related injuries.

Avoid mistakes in the real world by learning lessons in the virtual one.

ForgeFX’s industrial safety training simulator, developed for SCIF, helps workers avoid mistakes in the real world.

ForgeFX developed this interactive 3D safety training game for California State Compensation Insurance Fund, California’s largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance.

Emergency Services

In the real world, replicating major disasters to train emergency workers is challenging and costly. Emergency responders need to be adept at dealing with circumstances that include life-threatening situations and large-scale property destruction.

Industrial safety training simulator teaches construction safety.

Simulation-based training can effectively contribute to preparing emergency responders for these types of situations. In addition, simulation-based training can be carried out at any time of year, day or night, without any real-world emergency equipment.


Computer-based simulations provide experiential learning tools to students. In contrast to the passive experience of learning via textbook, interactive simulations allow students to engage actively with content. Simulations, using video game technology, turn learning into playing, allowing students to tinker with different parameters in virtual science experiments and see the effects in real time.
Interactive 3D Educational Simulations

Transforming students from passive observes of linear material, to active operators of interactive content, theses 3D simulation-based apps allow students to become immersed and involved with the material.


Non-profits can use simulations to prepare their staff for their latest campaign, whether they are onsite or offsite. This can include dialog, soft-skills and job-process training. In addition, game-like simulations, also known as Serious Games, can be novel, attention-grabbing components of digital awareness campaigns, creating understanding, empathy, and interest in your cause.

Elearning Educational Serious Game

Serious Games

ForgeFX collaborated with Heifer International to build this game-based educational simulation that teaches players about poverty and hunger, and some of the solutions that exist.

Healthcare & Medicine

Medical simulations allow healthcare professionals and students to expand, practice and test their diagnostic, surgical, clinical skills and equipment operation without putting patients at risk. Given the continual advancement of medical technology, healthcare providers require ongoing professional development which can be challenging to fit into a busy work life.

Virtual dental implant training simulator.

Virtual dental implant training simulator.

With simulation-based training, healthcare professionals can master critical skills and familiarize themselves with new equipment – all within their own schedule and without tying up valuable, scarce equipment.

Petroleum & Gas

The consequences of major accidents in the oil and gas industry are unacceptable, so every effort should be taken to ensure worker competence and safety procedure compliance.

Oil rig drilling simulator.

Oil rig drilling simulator.

Deployable anywhere and at any time, simulation-based training complements real-world training. Virtual training prepares workers to handle day-to-day situations and less frequent major emergencies, both requiring zero-hesitation, well-practiced responses.

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