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Month: March 2010

CNN report on simulating roadside bombs

With improvised explosive device (IED) attacks more than doubling in the past year in Afghanistan they have become the number one threat to soldiers. The US [...]

Caterpillar Provides Cost Saving Training Simulators

If you're in the heavy equipment industry, simulators can provide cost savings for your customers. The market leaders in the construction and mining equipment [...]

Heavy equipment training simulators increase safety and cost-savings

If you're charged with training people to operate heavy equipment, you're aware of the financial and safety challenges associated with conducting training on [...]

Canadian Air Force report predicts a sharp increase in aerospace training simulation usage

The report, by the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre, and release at the end of 2009 is titled "Projecting Power: Trends Shaping Canada’s Air [...]

The 3 Stages of Performance Enhancement through Simulation

Don’t take the title the wrong way, this post is all business. With conventional training, your staff learns competency. This is training for the basics [...]

Finding Quality Real-time 3D Simulation Demos

One challenge for sponsors of new simulation projects is locating playable demos of existing simulations. One solution is to demo simulation-style retail [...]