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Month: July 2013

ForgeFX Simulators at SIGGRAPH 2013

ForgeFX would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth last week at SIGGRAPH in Anaheim, The 40th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer [...]

World’s Largest Crane Training Simulator

The largest crane training simulator in the world has just been installed in the Moroccan port city of Casablanca. Installed by Kongsberg GlobalSim for the [...]

Crane Training Simulators Prepare Operators

Cranes, and the people who operate them, are hard at work all over the world every day. If you've passed a large construction site, you've most likely seen a [...]

Oil and Gas Industry Face Skilled Labor Shortage

The Global Oil and Gas Workforce Survey, just released by Air Energi and OilCareers.com, is a new report that warns of a shortage in skilled labor and trainers [...]