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Month: January 2014

New Study Concludes Surgical Simulators Improve Operating Room Abilities

Regardless of the industry, whenever you are working on implementing a simulation-based solution, it helps to have research studies available to support your [...]

Virtual Human Anatomy iPhone App

BioDigital Human is now available as a free download for iPhone and iPad. BioDigital Virtual Human Anatomy BioDigital Human is an excellent [...]

Construction Equipment Simulators Used For More Than Just Training

It should come as no surprise the construction equipment manufactures utilize virtual simulators when it comes to training operators, but what you may not be [...]

I/ITSEC 2013 Highlights

Happy new year, here's to a great 2014. And just in case you missed it last month, here are some of the highlights from I/ITSEC 2013. I/ITSEC [...]