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3d training simulation

Shovel Operator Training Simulator Demo Video

ProMiner Shovel Operator Training Simulator Demo VideoThe ProMiner Shovel Operator Training Simulator, a 3D simulator developed by ForgeFX for P&H [...]

Plastic Surgery Simulators Increase Number of Procedures

Plastic surgery might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about 3D simulators, but lately there have been a number of 3D surgery [...]

I/ITSEC Serious Games Challenge

Happy 2011, here's to a great new year!ForgeFX wrapped up the year in Orlando at I/ITSEC (Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference), [...]

Zen Bus Driving Simulator

Check out Zen Technology's Bus Driving Simulator, used to provide standardized training by India's State Transport [...]

Oil Drilling Simulators Increase Safety, Efficiency, and Cost Savings

With everything going on in the news right now about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s clear that the drilling industry needs to increase the amount [...]

UPS Trains Drivers With Interactive 3D Driving Simulators

If the training of drivers is part of your business, then driving simulators are for you. United Parcel Service, in an effort to fix the 30% flunk rate of [...]

Iraq & Afghanistan 3D Training Simulation Wins National Modeling & Simulation Award

The University of Texas at Dallas, Arts & Technology (ATEC) Wins National Modeling and Simulation Award for a 3D Interactive Program: First Person Cultural [...]