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heavy equipment operator training simulator

Construction and Agriculture Equipment Training Simulators

These days if you're in the business of selling construction or agriculture equipment you also need to offer to a line of operator training simulators to [...]

P&H Shovel Simulator One of the Most Impressive Exhibits at MINExpo

A recent article in the Las Vegas Sun lists the mining shovel training simulator developed by ForgeFX for P&H Mining as one of the most impressive exhibits [...]

ForgeFX Develops Mining Training Simulator for P&H Mining

P&H Mining Equipment, an operating subsidiary of Joy Global Inc., hired ForgeFX to develop a custom virtual training simulator for their electric rope [...]

3D Training Simulators for Oil Rig Operators

It's commonly known that immersive 3D simulators are one of the best ways to train heavy equipment operators, and offshore oil rigs are some of the [...]

United Mine Workers of America Coal Mining Training Simulator

Here's a great example of a virtual training simulator being used by an industry that you might not think of right away when it comes to simulation-based [...]

Heavy Equipment Training Simulators Provide Immediate Cost Savings

Heavy equipment operator training simulators allow organizations to improve their bottom lines by reducing fuel consumption, limiting wear-and-tear on [...]

CNN report on simulating roadside bombs

With improvised explosive device (IED) attacks more than doubling in the past year in Afghanistan they have become the number one threat to soldiers. The US [...]

Caterpillar Provides Cost Saving Training Simulators

If you're in the heavy equipment industry, simulators can provide cost savings for your customers. The market leaders in the construction and mining equipment [...]