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ForgeFX Simulations Exhibiting New VR Simulators at CONEXPO 2017

ForgeFX Simulations will be exhibiting their new Virtual Reality (VR) training simulators at CONEXPO 2017 in Las Vegas, March 7-11, Gold Hall Booth [...]

Oil Drilling Simulators Increase Safety, Efficiency, and Cost Savings

With everything going on in the news right now about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s clear that the drilling industry needs to increase the amount [...]

All we want for Christmas is a VisCube Immersive 3D Display

The VisCube multi-screen 3D display provides users with a cave-like immersive virtual reality experience. Equipped with a Wii-like motion-tracking wand, users [...]

Interactive 3D Equipment Simulation Saves U.S. Army Engineer School $14-million (USD)

I/ITSEC 2009, Orlando FLCanadian firm NGRAIN announced today at I/ITSEC that the US Army Engineer School at Fort Leonard Wood – which trains soldiers how to [...]