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medical training simulation

‘Revolutionary’ Virtual Ultrasound Training Simulator

In 2004 the Society and College of Radiographers identified a barrier that was preventing the training of enough ultrasound sonographers. There [...]

New Virtual Robotic Surgery Simulator Courses

Need to brush up on your robotic surgery skills? Then head on down to the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center in Orlando, Florida where MimicMed is offering [...]

Surgical Simulators Improve Training

Surgical training simulators provide residents with a highly realistic and safe approach for learning complicated surgical procedures. As surgeries become more [...]

Medical Training Simulators Improve Hospital’s Bottom Lines

Medical training simulators are rapidly becoming one of the most effective and popular uses of simulation-based training software. Medical training simulations [...]

CSIRO Develops 3D Colonoscopy Simulator

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia's national science agency, has created a 3D colonoscopy training simulator [...]