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simulation-based training

University of Kansas to Offer Virtual Football Training Simulator

The University of Kansas recently announced a partnership with EON Reality, leveraging their Icube technology, to deliver a virtual reality football training [...]

Flight Simulators Skyrocket

The demand, use, and adoption of flight simulators is skyrocketing.The aviation industry has always been a leader in the use of training simulators, and they [...]

Plastic Surgery Simulators Increase Number of Procedures

Plastic surgery might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about 3D simulators, but lately there have been a number of 3D surgery [...]

ACGME Program Requirements for Anesthesiology Residents Requires Simulated Clinical Experiences

While other industries like aerospace, mining, and the military have been using simulation-based training for decades, health care is still in its infancy when [...]

ForgeFX Develops a Military Training Simulator for Dynamic Defense Materials

ForgeFX partnered with Dynamic Defense Materials to develop the McCurdy's Armor™ Military Training Simulator. This custom software solution is an interactive [...]

Training Simulations Maximize Insurance Company’s Operational Eficiency

It's common knowledge that training simulators and serious games help to improve an organization's performance and profitability. Usually when people think of [...]

Simulation Software is Cost-Effective for Emergency Response Training

When it comes to training for mission critical tasks, emergency response and first responder rank as some of the most important and difficult activities to [...]

Medical Training Simulators Improve Hospital’s Bottom Lines

Medical training simulators are rapidly becoming one of the most effective and popular uses of simulation-based training software. Medical training simulations [...]