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3d simulations

Semiconductor and IT Companies Design Complex Systems Using 3D Simulations

If you're tasked with designing complex systems, like those used in the semiconductor, power utility, IT, or just about any other high-tech industry, you're [...]

Canadian Air Force report predicts a sharp increase in aerospace training simulation usage

The report, by the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre, and release at the end of 2009 is titled "Projecting Power: Trends Shaping Canada’s Air [...]

BCIT Launches The CUBE

British Columbia Institute of Technology Launches The CUBE: Centre for the use of 3D simulation technology, taking teaching and learning to a new level.With a [...]

Interactive 3D Equipment Simulation Saves U.S. Army Engineer School $14-million (USD)

I/ITSEC 2009, Orlando FLCanadian firm NGRAIN announced today at I/ITSEC that the US Army Engineer School at Fort Leonard Wood – which trains soldiers how to [...]

ForgeFX Develops 3D Pig Farm Training Simulation for Pfizer Animal Health

ForgeFX partnered with Carthage Veterinary Services to develop the Pfizer Animal Health Virtual Pork Production Simulation, named Virtual Walking the Pens. [...]

Adobe Success Story: ForgeFX: Interactive 3D Simulations

ForgeFX creates competitive advantage for itself and clients with Adobe Director and Adobe Shockwave Player software.Whether they need to train employees how [...]