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Driving simulators prove useful for new drivers

With the always increasing cost of gas, and the speed of computers, driving simulators have proven to be cost-effective and useful tools when it comes to [...]

VSTEP Releases RescueSim Platform

The thing to note about this product is that it is not simply a one-off simulation, but is instead a fully-featured toolkit to construct a variety of [...]

Game of the Show: Virtual Battlespace 2

Although it was first released in 2007, Virtual Battlespace 2 by Bohemia Interactive seems to be the gold standard for virtual training simulations. This is [...]

IITSEC Training Simulation Conference – Day 0

A pre-conference pre-crowd shot from the Orlando IITSEC 2009 conference on training simulations.The IITSEC 2009 schwag. Note the all-important Rockwell-Collins [...]

Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games

Check out the latest from Clark Aldrich, a great industry participant and thinker, "The Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games". This is a combination [...]

I/ITSEC Conference on Training Simulations

If you're able, be sure to check out the I/ITSEC conference on training simulations. This is the largest conference that focuses exclusively on simulations and [...]

Minnesota Zoo’s WolfQuest

The Minnesota Zoo and eduweb are partnering to develop WolfQuest, an innovative new project that brings the immersive, compelling drama and action of video [...]

Hilton Hotels Unveils Training Simulation

The simulation uses a branching dialogue system so team members will select their level of guest interaction from a list to best determine which response best [...]

Physics Middleware from Havok now Free

For non-commercial use, Havok has released its award-winning physics engine for free. Approved partners may use the engine in commercial projects and all [...]