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Damage Control Trainer Wins NTSA Training Simulation Award

Damage Control Trainer, a serious game meant to prepare Navy recruits for deployment, won the 2010 National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) Award [...]

Serious Games Improve Business Training

These days serious games and training simulations are being used in just about every industry and type of business. While it's true that the military, medical, [...]

NASA’s Moonbase Alpha – Online 3D Space Exploration Game

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released Moonbase Alpha, a free online 3D video game that runs on the Steam network, an online [...]

Finding Quality Real-time 3D Simulation Demos

One challenge for sponsors of new simulation projects is locating playable demos of existing simulations. One solution is to demo simulation-style retail [...]

Iraq & Afghanistan 3D Training Simulation Wins National Modeling & Simulation Award

The University of Texas at Dallas, Arts & Technology (ATEC) Wins National Modeling and Simulation Award for a 3D Interactive Program: First Person Cultural [...]

ForgeFX Develops 3D Pig Farm Training Simulation for Pfizer Animal Health

ForgeFX partnered with Carthage Veterinary Services to develop the Pfizer Animal Health Virtual Pork Production Simulation, named Virtual Walking the Pens. [...]

Adobe Success Story: ForgeFX: Interactive 3D Simulations

ForgeFX creates competitive advantage for itself and clients with Adobe Director and Adobe Shockwave Player software.Whether they need to train employees how [...]

Kran-Simulator 2009

Okay let's have some fun today! Kran-Simulator 2009 developed by Astragon, a German video game company, is a great interactive 3D simulation, serious game, and [...]

Technology Enables Ground Support Equipment Training

Airside International article: Technology Enables GSE Training. This article discusses the 3D training simulator ForgeFX developed for Global Ground Support. [...]

3D Fork Lift Training Simulator

3D game-based training simulator enhances forklift training. Developed by Etcetera Edutainment, a company that specializes in applying video game techniques [...]